Doctor Who. Episode Three: TARDIS Game

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The TARDIS is stuck in a time riptide, and has ejected the Doctor into the void that surrounds it. Amy must rescue him before the TARDIS moves to the next location. Time is of the utmost importance, and it grows ever shorter. On her hunt for objects to rescue the Doctor, Amy accidently breaks an object that was holding a terrible creature. The evil entity emerges from the broken pieces, and is ready to feed!

Play as both Amy and the Doctor as you solve puzzles, gather objects, and find hidden secrets throughout the spacious confines of the TARDIS. The evil entity that was unleashed has latched onto Amy, and is feeding on her time! Help the Doctor expel this evil, and help restore Amy to her normal witty self! Fix the TARDIS, save the girl, and rid the world of evil…just another day for the good Doctor! Are you ready to help him on this adventure?


Editor's Review:
The "Doctor Who. Episode Three: TARDIS " is a arcade & action game.It's rank is 15925.Provided by the Alawar.This game includes Explore the famous time machine!,Experience this thrilling adventure game based on the hit TV series, Doctor Who. ,Use your puzzle-solving skills to rescue the Doctor and fix the TARDIS. ,Collect bonus cards that enrich the story with Doctor Who trivia. ,Become the Doctor’s companion across time and space!, If you have a question about install the game,then please check our FAQs.

System Requirements:    CPU:    Size:305 MB    RAM:    OS:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8    DirectX: 8.1

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PATRICIA (3.2/5)2014-11-25 21:59:12
alice (3.2/5)2014-07-01 08:46:23
eu achei legalllllll
Sophia Smithia (5.0/5)2013-11-22 15:15:30
I have not played the game but I highly encourage people to watch Doctor Who and therefore play Doctor Who games as they might be good. It is on of my favorite shows and I have liked it since Christopher Eccleson's last episode. Good Luck my Doctor Who chums!!!
gaviera sanches sierra (3.0/5)2013-10-22 10:39:53
que es bakan los juego es como pasarloa la raja jajajajajajajjhajajjjiajiaiajiajj
vitoria (3.0/5)2013-10-16 05:40:40
legalllllllll nao sou tua amigaaaa
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