The Legacy: Prisoner. Collector's Edition Game

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On an ordinary day at the museum a glass display case housing rare artifacts is broken. What at first seems a typical act of burglary sets off a whole chain of mysterious, if not otherworldly, events and circumstances. Her search for a rare bust brings Diana, a museum employee, to another world inhabited by the people of a pre-Columbian civilization. To make matters worse, while searching for a way back home, Diana releases an ancient Evil. Now she not only has to find a way to return home — she also has to imprison the demon she released, by overcoming a great number of challenges with the support of the people from the other world.


Editor's Review:
The "The Legacy: Prisoner. Collector's Edition " is a hidden object game.It's rank is 17640.Provided by the Alawar.This game includes Release a prisoner from his ancient shackles!,Help Diana get through the hardships and find the way home! ,Discover a new, puzzling world and meet its inhabitants! ,Test yourself with more than 40 fun mini-games and puzzles. ,Find items from hidden collections and look for morphing objects. ,Enjoy stunning locations, beautiful art and great music., If you have a question about install the game,then please check our FAQs.

System Requirements:    CPU:CPU: 2.0 GHz    Size:989 MB    RAM:RAM: 2048 MB    OS:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8    DirectX: 8.1

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