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About the game
     Best Hero of the Kingdom III game for you, Hero of the Kingdom III download. Your uncle Brent raised you as a skilled hunter. Fate, however, gave you a different path than a peaceful village life. An ancient evil awakened, shattering the whole kingdom. Dark monsters climbed out of holes and people died under the falling mountains. You are left alone to face the great evil. You must set out on a long journey through the four valleys and save the kingdom on the brink of destruction. Your courage and your skills will forge a new hero of the kingdom.-[03-05]


Editor's Review:
The "Hero of the Kingdom III " is a strategy game.It's rank is 32.Provided by the BigFishGames.This game includes Save the kingdom from the ancient evil.,Explore the beautiful country of the four valleys.,Help people and fulfill many interesting quests.,Fight monsters and advance in many skills.,Earn up to 57 achievements,Hero of the Kingdom II, If you have a question about install the game,then please check our FAQs.

System Requirements:    CPU:1.0 GHz    Size:92.3 MB    RAM:1024    OS:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8    DirectX: 8.1

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