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About the game
     Best Incredible Hulk game for you, Incredible Hulk download. Immerse yourself once again in the world of The Incredible Hulk, one of Marvel's most powerful Super Heroes. This fury-fueled video game features intensely realistic third person action. It includes key moments from the film as well as additional plotlines and characters from The Incredible Hulk universe. You crash through New York City battling gigantic enemies amidst soaring skyscrapers in a massive open world. Unleashing the Hulk's anger generates Rage points that increase his incredible power. Everything in the environment can be used as a weapon.-[06-19]


Editor's Review:
The "Incredible Hulk " is a arcade & action game.It's rank is 100.Provided by the Amazon.This game includes Incredible Hulk, If you have a question about install the game,then please check our FAQs.

System Requirements:    CPU:1.0 GHz    Size:33.6 MB    RAM:70    OS:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8    DirectX: 8.1

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bahram (5.0/5)2014-12-15 06:03:56
very good play
من (1.0/5)2014-11-22 09:22:24
اققققققققققققققققققق اهههههه ایششششششششششششششش
Shahzod (3.7/5)2014-11-15 06:09:59
پردیس (3.7/5)2014-11-06 04:08:48
evico (3.7/5)2014-11-03 22:24:20
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