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     Best Mario Kart DS game for you, Mario Kart DS download. The ultimate Mario Kart race is on…and online via your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in Mario Kart DS. Drawing on more than 30 courses and battle arenas from every game in the Mario Kart series - not to mention tons of new ones, Mario Kart DS allows you to play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Wario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Toad, Bowser and Shy Guy as you put the pedal to the go-kart metal, grab coins to max out your speed and blast rivals with the ever-popular arsenal of red, green and spiked Koopa shells in a race to finally put to rest the question of who is the true king of the Mushroom Kingdom racing circuit.-[11-09]


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The "Mario Kart DS " is a arcade & action game.It's rank is 100.Provided by the Amazon.This game includes Mario Kart DS, If you have a question about install the game,then please check our FAQs.

System Requirements:    CPU:1.0 GHz    Size:33.6 MB    RAM:70    OS:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8    DirectX: 8.1

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vlasta (3.6/5)2015-03-15 01:37:59
aj mi by sme chcely taku hru
youssef (3.6/5)2015-02-05 14:17:11
jeux de gta sendrieasse
Samaneh (3.6/5)2015-02-04 20:47:25
irf@n9893 (3.6/5)2015-01-30 21:06:42
Viking sega
zhang (3.6/5)2015-01-08 05:22:01
Hello zahra
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