The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City Game

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About the game
     Best The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City game for you, The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City download. As an agent of Myth Seekers you are called to Paris to find out why the other Seekers have been acting strange. You discover that it might have something to do with a mysterious artifact found near the likely location of Ys, a mythical city swallowed by the ocean. Search the alleys of Paris to find echoes of the legendary cataclysm that wiped out an ancient civilization from the surface of Earth and make sure the ancient forces responsible for this tragedy will remain dormant. There is a shadow hanging over Paris and time is running out!-[04-29]


Editor's Review:
The "The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City " is a puzzle game.It's rank is 399.Provided by the BigFishGames.This game includes Can love revive what hate ruined?,Journey through charming locations of northern France!,Immerse yourself in an interactive investigation!,Find out the truth about the ancient city of Ys!,Check out our Blog Walkthrough,For a more in depth experience, check out the Collector's Edition, If you have a question about install the game,then please check our FAQs.

System Requirements:    CPU:2.0 GHz    Size:864 MB    RAM:1024    OS:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8    DirectX: 8.1

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